Honey Badger Them!


The honey badger is known for its strength, ferocity, toughness and cleverness. It is known to savagely and fearlessly attack almost any other species when cornered or facing emminent threat, regardless of size. The Honey Badger can even repel much larger predators. This is why we chose the Honey Badger as our mascot. We want to teach our students to be courageous in the face of a threat while having the wisdom to properly apply what they learn.

Be Aware



Give ’em Pain



Course Selection

We believe strongly that one self-defense class is insufficient for an individual with no prior training to have an effective understanding and legitimate ability to defend themselves. However, we understand that individuals come from a variety of backgrounds and prior experiences, and as such, not everybody would feel the need for all 6 of our core courses. This being the case, we offer flexible and customized package options to allow you to choose which skills you will focus on after completing the Introductory Course. Students are required to have taken the foundational Self-Defense Introductory Course as a prerequisite to any further training. Schedule a Consultation with an Instructor to discuss which packages and pricing may best fit your needs.

Below is a  break-down of our Core curriculum. We offer a wide range of additional courses that can cater to age, mobility, etc. If you would like to discuss a training outline specific to you or your groups needs, please click here to schedule a consultation.

Sensible Start

Impossible to Hold

Movement Matters

Pick Yourself Up

Look What I Found

Everything Comes Together

Course 1 “Sensible Start”

Sensible Start: This is the first of 6 core courses and introduces the students to the B.A.D.G.E.R approach to self-defense. This course also gives a broad overview of the S.I.M.P.L.E Self-Defense Skills that get taught in much more detail in the following curriculum.

Course 2 “Impossible to Hold”

Impossible to Hold: In this course students focus on freeing themselves from a variety of different grabs and holds.

Course 3 “Movement Matters”

Movement Matters: This course focuses on avoiding strikes and learning counter strikes. Additionally, students will practice strikes on targets and shields in order to learn how to create and apply power.

Course 4 “Pick Yourself Up”

Pick Yourself Up: This course reviews how to defend from the ground and how to recover to your feet quickly. Included in this course will be drills to increase recovery speed.

Course 5 “Look What I Found”

Look what I Found: In this course, students will get the opportunity to learn some basic weapon skills that can translate to the use of everyday objects to defend yourself. Also included is basic knife and gun defense.

Course 6 “Everything Comes Together”

Everything Comes  Together: Perhaps one of the key characteristics to proper Self-Defense is confidence. To have confidence in your knowledge and abilities you must practice. This last course is all about just that. This is your chance to practice the techniques you have learned and find the ones that best suit you. Under the watchful eye of your Instructor, you can build the confidence you need to feel comfortable with the techniques and intruction provided. This course also bookends with the opportunity for the student to break a board and includes a Certificate of Completion.